Man Against the Future

Bryan Young

Bryan Young, sensational author of Lost at the Con, brings his dark visions of the future, the past, and worlds never seen, all in one stunning collection. Enter and be transported from alien battlefields and the post-apocalypse to the very gates of heaven and back!

This collection includes:

The Hope of Humanity
An Original
A Pistol Full of Silver
A Simple Country Murder
The Hero and the Horror
The Train From Hell to Heaven
Late Term Abortion
A Peculiar Constitutional
Dallas is Where Hope Goes to Die
A Badge and a Gun
An Evening of Cthulhu
Convention Sketches
Battle Drone Six
My Cross to Bear
The Flights of Angels

Praise for Bryan Young's writing:

"Young's style is terse and crisp. He writes in a way that compels you to keep flipping pages as you delve deeper and deeper" --Huffington Post

"Young’s writing is direct and keeps a quick pace....funny, smart and thought provoking..." --[insertgeekhere]

"The highest praise one can give is to say that it inspired me..." --Austin Post

You'll get:
  • an ebook in Kindle-compatible mobi format
  • a DRM-free ePub (compatible with iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Readmill)

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy short stories zeitgeist
    Language: English / Published: 14 July 2013


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    Bryan Young

    Bryan Young works across many different mediums. As an author, he's written the bestselling comedic novel Lost at the Con, and the critically acclaimed sci-fi adventure Operation: Montauk. He’s published comic books, is a contributor for the Huffington Post, StarWars.Com and the founder and editor in chief of the geek news and review site Big Shiny Robot!


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